New Year brings new beginnings and resolutions. Increases in gym memberships, weight loss programs, and maybe some closets and garages are cleaned and organized. All nice things and pretty typical annual resolutions.

What if we have some resolutions and new beginnings to benefit the inside of us too. Reading a Bible chapter a day, selecting a Bible verse or intended message to apply to your life, or joining a weekly Bible study group. Setting quiet time aside daily to spend time with the Lord is rejuvenating in the mornings and relaxing and peaceful in the evenings.

Sometimes we can get fixated on which is best, 
mornings or evenings … Truly, any time spent with the Lord is beneficial and rewarding.

Prayer … one of my favorites! It is important to pray, but how can it be improved or new? You either do it or you don’t right? We tend to pray prayers that Ask … asking for something for yourself or someone else.

Do we remember to go 
back and Thank the Lord for the things He has done or answered prayers? What about the Lord? Can we express our love, admiration, and Worship for the Lord’s qualities? A balanced prayer life (Ask – Thank – Worship) can bring a closer bond and relationship with the Lord.

Whatever beginnings and resolutions you come up with, I hope it will be a benefit and a blessing to you! It is cold and flu season … many at LBC are in various stages of the flu and recovery. Please, pray for wellness for them all. May the Lord bless each of you!

In His love, Laura